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30 Stickers That Perfectly Capture The Office's Most Meme-able Moments

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 10 Nov 2019 23:02 PM / No Comments / 20 views

Do you love The Office more than Stanley Hudson loves Pretzel Day? If you’re a true fan of the NBC sitcom, you’ve probably binge-watched each season about 100 times. You can recite every lyric of “Ryan Started the Fire.” You have multiple theories on who the Scranton Strangler really is. You’ve been in a love-hate relationship with Andy since season three. You can easily recall each of Angela’s cats by name (rest in peace, Sprinkles). You know that there is no greater love story than Jim and Pam’s. You love the fact that Kelly Kapoor, also known as The Business B*tch, kissed Dwight at the Christmas party. You remember that Erin’s real name is actually Kelly. And as soon as you see each of these stickers from The Office, you’ll immediately realize you have to have them all.

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