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A Peasant Farmer Resists Nazi Germany in Terrence Malick’s ‘A Hidden Life’ Trailer

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 15 Aug 2019 13:55 PM / No Comments / 92 views

An Austrian farmer refuses to fight for the Nazis in World War II in the tense new trailer for Terrence Malick’s upcoming film, A Hidden Life, which opens December 13th

A Hidden Life is based on real events and stars August Diehl as Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian peasant farmer and devout Catholic who’s unnerved by the rise of the Third Reich and refuses to serve in the army. “What’s happened to our country?” he wonders in the trailer. “We’re killing innocent people, raiding other countries, preying on the weak. If our leaders, if they’re evil, what does one do?”

The Nazis ultimately charge Jägerstätter with treason but faced with the threat of execution, he keeps his resolve through his wife Fani (Valerie Pachner) and their children. The trailer for A Hidden Life features some of Malick’s famously breathtaking cinematography, both in its jarring handheld close-ups of human conflict and in its sweeping wide shots of the Austrian countryside.

In addition to Diehl and Pachner, A Hidden Life also stars the late Michael Nyqvist and Bruno Ganz, both in their final performances. The film premiered in May at the Cannes Film Festival to positive reception.

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