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Jane the Virgin Ends on a Sweet Note – Here's What Happens to All Your Favorite Characters

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 06 Aug 2019 20:54 PM / No Comments / 77 views

Spoilers for the final episode of Jane the Virgin ahead!

How does the series finale of Jane the Virgin end? With a wedding, of course. Our trusty narrator tells us at the beginning of the episode that’s how all telenovelas wrap up, and Jane is no exception. By the time the sun sets on our final glimpse of Jane and Rafael, all of the major characters have reached satisfying conclusions for their arcs, leaving things on a hopeful, bittersweet note. It’s kind of wild to think an accidental artificial insemination led us all the way here, huh? Ahead, see where everyone ends up by the time the credits start to roll in “Chapter One Hundred.”

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