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Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2020

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 04 Dec 2019 21:50 PM / No Comments / 95 views

With 2019 winding down to a close, it’s hard for any soap opera fan to resist the idea of looking onward into the new year and speculating on what will be, especially when it comes to their favorite couples on each show. As such, below is an outline of potential super couples who will break up in 2020.

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12. Lucas and Brad – General Hospital

This could be a no-brainer. After all, while the secret around Baby Wiley’s true bio parents seems to be dragging on, the truth should come out sometime in early 2020. When Lucas finds out what Brad did, he’ll break up with him in an instant. It simply is only a matter of time at this point, as the couple has been teetering together as it is, and Parry Shen is set to leave the show.

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11. Justin and Kayla – Days of Our Lives

Sure, this couple is on cloud nine right now, but what will happen once Steve starts actively pursuing his Sweetness? There might be a little bad blood between Johnson and Brady at the moment; however, these two were made for each other, and a reunion is inevitable. It may not happen early on in the year, but by the 2020 holiday season, Kayla and Steve will be back together and Justin and Kayla will be a thing of the past.

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10. Nikki and Victor – Young and the Restless

Nikki and Victor are stronger than ever at this point in time, but how long will this last? If the history in their relationship dictates anything, they are due for a breakup sometime in 2020. The two have a cycle when it comes to romance: fall in love, hit an obstacle, breakup, do terrible things to each other during said breakup, come back together after disaster strikes, makeup, and start all over again. It’s bound to happen at some point next year.

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9. Ned and Olivia – General Hospital

With Ned’s daughter Brook Lynn back in town, she could stir up a ton of trouble for this nicely settled couple. She and Olivia do not get along in the least, which could make Ned feel like he’s in the middle. Brook Lynn has already been up to no good since landing in Port Charles, and she could be the reason behind this couple’s break up and divorce come 2020.

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8. Rey and Sharon – Young and the Restless

Rey and Sharon are finally happy, settled, and seem to have pushed all the Adam drama behind them. But, how long can they stay content for? Another obstacle is sure to be placed in their way, as they move towards their official happily ever after. In the land of daytime drama, even the happiest of couples are never safe from a breakup, and before Shey head towards an altar, they may suffer another breakup in 2020.

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7. Victor and Maggie – Days of Our Lives

While it seemed as if Victor Kiriakis may have turned over a new leaf after he married Maggie Horton, in recent months it’s clear that he hasn’t. Shady corporate deals are one thing, but trying to get rid of Salem residents (for good) is an entirely different ball game. Maggie will find out what Victor has been up to at some point in 2020, and when she does, Kiriakis will have to face the music.

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6. Finn and Anna – General Hospital

As suddenly as Finn has found out that he is a dad, he is now finding out he is a single full-time dad, and this will undoubtedly affect his relationship with Anna in the new year. While Violet is a lovely child, and Anna has a heart of gold, the strain of adding a young one into any relationship will surely take its toll on Anna and Finn come 2020.

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5. John and Marlena – Days of Our Lives

Jarlena is riding a high wave right now, but with Princess Gina hanging around, their “days” are numbered. Gina is after John, and while Black can’t see it, Marlena has an inkling, which spells bad news for Salem’s top super couple. Marlena and John will be headed for Splitsville come 2020 if Gina has anything to do with it. Unless she can be stopped, their breakup is looming.

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4. Tessa and Mariah – Young and the Restless

Sure, these two lovely ladies are doing well now, but they have had a highly rocky and rollercoaster relationship in the past, plagued with lies (mainly by Tessa). Have they truly learned their lesson from the past, or is it that Tessa hasn’t fallen into any trouble lately that needs to be hidden from Mariah lately? If Tessa’s past comes back to haunt her in 2020, and she tries to keep it under wraps from Mariah, these two could be headed for issues in the new year.

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3. Valentin and Nina – General Hospital

Nina seems to be on to the fact that Valentin is no good. She might simply be biding her time for the right moment to reveal all, and thus, ruin his life. Could this breakup happen during the holidays or in early 2020? Valentin and Nina are clearly on the verge of a major split.

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2. Eli and Gabi – Days of Our Lives

Sure, these two are cahoots right now, but once Eli finds out the truth about what Gabi did and why Lani really stopped their wedding, he won’t be staying with Hernandez for very long. It’s a relationship built on lies, which is something that doesn’t last in the land of daytime drama.

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1. Kyle and Lola – Young and the Restless

Sure, Kola seem to have their ducks lined up at the moment; however, with both Theo and Summer breathing down their necks, how much longer until they break up? An especially sore spot between the two is the fact that Lola has taken a liking to Theo (in the friend’s zone, but still), and that Summer and Kyle continue to work closely together at Jabot, which is amplified considering their history. All it will take is for a minor misunderstanding to unravel with one half of Kola, which will see the other half dive into an affair.

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